Millions of people around the world suffer from back pain. Many people find it difficult to find the right treatment for them. If you have not had success with other treatments, you can try a clinic in Tucson’s PRP therapy for back pain. PRP for back pain has many benefits with minimal side effects.

What are the benefits of PRP therapy for people with back pain?
PRP therapy promotes tissue regeneration when plasma is injected into injury sites. PRP against back pain strengthens joints, repairs ligaments and tendons, increases mobility and relieves pain. You should notice a significant improvement in your lower back pain within approximately two weeks. You may need to complete the procedure two or three times to achieve the desired results. Plasma injections for back pain are very helpful for some people.

Is PRP therapy effective for people with back pain?
People with muscle tension, muscle fibrosis in the back or damaged tendons and ligaments in the back benefit from our PRP therapy treatments in Tucson for back pain. PRP therapy is not effective in patients with disc damage, compression of nerve roots, herniated disc, degenerative disc disease or spinal stenosis.

Do I feel immediate results of PRP therapy?

The PRP recovery process is different for everyone. Unfortunately, days after receiving the injection, you will notice a noticeable increase in pain. Your pain intensity decreases with increasing strength and endurance from day to day. After two to six weeks you will notice a gradual improvement. Some patients have reported increased improvement six to nine months after PRP therapy.Ultrasound and MRI images shown in some studies have shown that a definitive repair tissue has occurred after PRP treatment for back pain. These images supported evidence of the healing process and restoration of back pain.

Is PRP therapy a substitute for surgery?

Sometimes PRP therapy is not a substitute for surgery. Many chronic conditions respond well to PRP therapy, meaning that some people may not need surgery, but others may be less fortunate. It is impossible to predict who will respond well to the procedure and who will not. A chronic condition means that tendons or ligaments in your body have excessive scar tissue. In this case, joint function may be impaired. The tendons or ligaments in your body are prone to another injury or a complete disorder. In some cases, tendons or ligaments do not heal because there is not enough blood flow to the injured area. Most tendons do not have enough blood and tend to microscopic tears or chronic scars. PRP therapy will suggest to your chronic condition that you have a new injury. If your body has a new injury, it provokes a new and renewed healing process. With PRP therapy and appropriate reconditioning, PRP treatment of back pain can improve the chances of recovery and eliminate the possibility of injury escalation. If you get positive results from PRP therapy, you may be less likely to need surgery.

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